Meet Joss


My love for creating beautiful things with my hands began when I was about seven years’ old. My mom used to knit those 80’s style Barbie jerseys and I was fascinated by the shapes and colours and how, from wool and knitting needles, she could create something wearable.
She taught me how to sew on her little sewing machine a few years after that, and I am so incredibly grateful to my mom for giving me a space to express my creativity.
After high school, I studied Fashion Design at the Midrand Graduate Institute. It was a small fashion design department that was headed up by wonderful people who had a passion for clothing and creating. After graduating I worked for a renowned South African designer for just over six years, before I started Joss Bridal Wear in 2007.
Bridal wear design is so much more than the dress…it is an incredible journey with the bride-to-be. The greatest joy in my work is being part of something greater than my world, and the feeling that I get, knowing that I can contribute in a meaningful way to bring happiness to others, and to myself.